Tuesday, July 27, 2010


this week there was no more summer school. and my sister's went to girls camp. needless to say that i had no idea what to do with myself. but next week there will be california, and my sisters will not be at girls camp- they will be with me in Oceanside, on the beach. please, and thanks.

i could hang out with friends. yes. but my car is in the automobile hospital. it will be until monday. i have the truck with free gas. but it doesn't have air conditioning. lame excuses? why yes! but oh- what wonderful things i have done with this time of mine! like reading, and relaxing, and watching old movies, and going through old old pictures to place in albums!

today. i am not going to capitalize.
today. i read a most glorious book from my fond memories of elementary school.
today. i went to the Temple.
today. i just laid on the grass and watched the clouds.
today. i volunteered at my favorite elementary school in all of washington county. Dixie Sun. and the kids told me that they would miss me.
today. i told the kids i would miss them too.
today. i decided on next summer.

the most sincerest.

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