Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photomatography exuberantness!

Miss Sarah
(happy 22nd birthday Love!)

My Zion

My Nephew

My Halloween

My Home

My Courtney

My Yard

under the weather

Today I woke up ill.


-Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup with minced garlic
-Hot Cocoa with Cayenne Pepper
-Honey and Lemon Water
-Halls Vitamin C drops
-Charlotte's Web with Deboney
-Harry Potter 5 with Shanelle and Deboney
-Photo Editing
-Jerry Spineli's Maniac Magee
-Look at my Homework list

I'll share some photos with you too.
Look up.

Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

You choose the title tonight.

I feel like a slacker at this blogging thing.
But when I blog I feel like a slacker at this homework thing.
One more day. Then it's break.
Then we party it up with Josh. And Courtney. And Tiffani. And Beau. But not Chris, because he's not coming. And whoever else decides to come back to my dear home!

I think last year I took advantage of a lot. Not that I
meant to. But really, I had all these beautiful friends, things going on every weekend and almost every night. Even "homework" groups, where we never actually did homework. I guess I never met the reality of everyone leaving, and moving on with life. So when it actually came...
Not EVERYONE left. But quite a few did.
The few that usually got things going on during my friday and saturday nights.

To all of you who are now up in northern land, and on missions, and doing such terrifical things, I love you. I miss you, a lot. I can't wait to see your shining faces again. Promise me you won't leave without me seeing you.
Otherwise I will cry.
Really though.

In other news. My recent infatuations are:
-Dr. Seuss books (And for your information, I think it should be spelled Suess. With all due respect of course.)
-People who can get their point across without smiley faces, etc. in a text. (Not that they're bad. Just something refreshing is all.)
-Thrift Stores
-Consignment Shops
-Window Shopping
-Stats on my blog (people in Luxembourg read, or at least look, at this page! Cool, right? I think so.)
-Pumpkin things
-A book I found. Perhaps you've heard of it? "The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash"
-Feathers in my hair
-Jonsi (more of it)
-Performance Poetry (which you already knew)
-Long socks
-Hot Cocoa (this always happens this time of year)
-Ramona (she's soo great!)
-Purposefully incorrect Grammar
-Rainy day walks
Okay. So many of these aren't "recent". But they have come up within the last week.

Tonight I'm mopey.

I hate writing papers.