Wednesday, December 11, 2013


... if  you do follow your bliss
you put yourself on a kind of track
 that has been there all the while,
 waiting for you,
 and the life that you ought to be living
 is the one you are living...
I say, follow your bliss
 and don't be afraid,
 and doors will be opened
 where you didn't know they were going to be.
-Joseph Campbell

Teach for America, here I come.
or, ya know... whatever else life has to offer.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Danni Springer
3 December 2013
Methods and Strategies for Teaching L.A.
Dr. Peterson

Personal Narrative
            After reading the article on personal narratives, brainstorming, writing and rewriting, I still sit here at a blank. Watching the all-nostalgic “The Cosby Show”, eating milk chocolate orange sticks, at the side of my journal, scrolling through Instagram, sitting on the couch while my roommate cooks dinner in the other room. I search for every possibility of procrastination, deeming it as “inspiration”. I could write about my plans for after graduation and the fact that I have no idea what I really want to do, just that I’ve applied for the Teach for America program - and who knows what will come of that. I could write about my sister, which is what I started with in the first place. I could write about the attractive man that I met over Thanks-Giving, who gave me a small chance at a cuddling fling and I denied him it. He didn’t ask for my phone number, or on a date, and I had only known him for four days – three strikes, you’re out! I could write about music, or rock climbing, or my love for reading. I could write about my mission.  I could write about my experience of living on my own, officially, for the first time, or how difficult it was to learn a new language.
            What should I write about? What is something worth sharing? (Since, this will be shared.) Something that I have a passion for, and care a lot about, I suppose. I have lots of passions, and care for lots of things, so that should be easy, right? I have a journal and blog full of experiences, and a notebook full of things I love. Ranging from art to food, religion to education, books to movies, being outdoors to interpersonal relationships. Just pick one!
            I guess this is what they call “writers block”. Isn’t brainstorming suppose to help?
            What is it about indecision, and that it seems to happen only to ourselves, and to no one else? I use to be one of those people that had a plan, and never moved from that plan. It was: go to college, get a degree, find a job, settle down, and live the rest of my life quietly content. Simple and happy. However, lately, that plan is less and less appealing. The more I review it, the more I want to cringe at the thought of settling down in one place so abruptly! Maybe the part of life that teenagers go through after high school of “finding yourself” and having a desire to get out and explore, was somehow delayed in my genetic make up and that's why it's hitting me now. Imagine that! A twenty-four-year-old, graduating in May, already having traveled to Europe, lived in Central America and learned a second language, wanting to “find herself” rather than find a job in her local school district. I would rather go somewhere different, and experience something new. I feel that I have reached the top of the totem pole in what St. George has to offer me, and I just feel an inner irking to get out - knowing that there is nothing that holds me here, that I’m at the only point in my life when I can be selfish - it makes me ponder:  why stay here? Why not go somewhere new and gain experience? That is what the Teach for America program offers, it’s in the field of education, therefore I would still get to teach and work with children – something I’ve always wanted! That part of the plan has not changed, and does not make me cringe. So, why not go? What would be holding me back? Nothing.
            Then there’s my sister, who did not even finish her first semester of college, barely graduated high school, has no goals, no ambitions, and no plans. Yet, there she stands, perfectly happy with no progression. She has so much potential! Either she doesn’t want to see it, or she is just blind in ignorance. In which case, the question arises, is ignorance truly bliss? Perhaps, she is scared. But, scared of what? Of failure? I am. Aren’t we all? What makes a person charge into the arena despite the inner terror?
            Relationships. Another form of indecision. Does watching my sister make dumb decisions, make me want to play more “hard to get”? This attractive male, why not just let myself have a nonsense weekend fling? Why this “three strike” system? Is it so that boys learn that I won’t put up with their immaturity, and that they should treat me with respect? Or, is it to protect myself from the pain I see her go through by putting up a wall? I’d like to think it’s not the latter. I’d like to picture myself confident.
            Life is weird. What makes us who we are? What makes us decide to do the things we do? More importantly, what makes a person decide what to write about in a personal narrative? 
            People are interesting; they have so many opinions, thoughts, and experiences that make them who they are. How are we to say that we really know someone? Or even, that we really know ourselves?
            My roommate has long since finished her supper. The Cosby Show continues. My orange sticks are half gone, my journal remains unopened, and Instagram… well, it’s still there. I sit here wondering, “How many others have had the same idea as me in writing their personal narrative?” and I begin typing, “After reading the article on personal narratives…”

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

oh we play, in autumn days...

Remember how I have literary craves?
Well, that happens with music too.

I go through phases where I quite literally feel a thirst, or hunger (if you will), for literature. Books upon mounds of books is what I want inside my room, with a blanket, and a lamp, and nothing else! I can disappear from this world for hours at a time and be perfectly content. Historical fiction is what I seem to be preferring lately. But anything would satisfy me, really. Prose, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy, Realistic, Biography, Children, Adult, whatever - I just want literature to consume.

And so it goes with music. I have a hankering for new music! ANY kind! Just new. With a full tank of gas, and a long drive to some aesthetic vista. Lately, I have The Paper Kites to thank for that quench of my appetency.
Here, have a taste.

Friday, November 1, 2013

thankology 50(+) - it's about due time

I can't remember the last time I did one of these...
but it's about time I start counting my blessings.

I am thankful for:

1. Temple patrons that invite me to their house for pomegranate seeds, card games, and lovely "lemonade on the porch" life chat.

2. Friends from out of town that go on yard sale and farmer's market hunts with you.

3. Beginning of basketball season. How I've missed you!

4. Post-it love notes from co-workers that appear on my computer screen.

5. Carving pumpkins, sloppy joes, and tatter tots accompanied by memes, funny youtube videos, and good company.

6. Random spontaneous adventures and those who join me!

7. New friends that take me under their wing to help me along.

8. The Institute Council Members - who always lift my spirits with their humor, and love.

9. TUACAHN! And everything about it.

10. The counsel from modern day prophets, and the comfort they bring to my soul with their words of wisdom.

11. Institute religion classes, and those who prepare and teach them.

12. Co-workers who make me laugh, and feel cared about.

13. Good friends who "leave me better than they found me, are by my side until the very end, lift me up when I feel I've had enough, and keep me going through the thick and thin."

14. My funny, diverse Cohort Compadres!

15. Sleep overs that bring me comfort.

16. Those who have been my recent, metaphorical, "comfort blankets". Thank you. 

17. The Atonement of Jesus Christ, and all it encompasses for our salvation temporally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

18. The scarves, coats, beanies, and boots. The colour changes and leaf piles. Photographs and crisp mornings. Hot chocolate and blankets. Long walks and sunny days. Autumn, in general, is just my favourite.

19. Home made soup.

20. Laughing hard and loud - A LOT!

21. Seeing reserved people come out of their bubble, and see a different side to them.

22. The wheel chair man that drives around town decked out in costumes! He's like his own parade. And I love it.

23. Spiritual conversations with others about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. About Faith, and Hope. About Love, and Forgiveness. About Humility and Charity.

24. Service Projects: making a homecoming parade float (that won!), packaging Thanks-Giving food packets, and cleaning out closets.

25. Thrifts stores where searching is paramount, and finding is a treasure.

26. Youtube - and how it brings me laughter, along with new found favourite artists that no one has ever heard of to add to my collection.

27. ZION, the national park. Favourite place on earth.

28. Rock climbing, and all my buddies that adventure with me.

29. El Salvador and all the experiences I had there. (I still think of you, your food, traditions, and people often. One day I will go back. When I'm married. Because I'm scared to go by myself. Please save me a couple "faralitos", bean soup, and fireworks.)

30. PLR.

31. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream by Haagen-Dazs. I know I SAY Mint Chocolate Chip is my favourite ice cream, but, now you know the core truth.

32. The holy scriptures, and all the peace they bring to my soul.

33. Time. Even though it's mostly a joke in my life. But I am grateful that God gives it to me, and allows me to take as much as I need.

34. Swings at parks. (You'd be surprised how many parks think they can just go ahead and NOT have swings. It's a dying art.)

35. Sears Art Gallery.

36. People who are honest, genuine, and kind.

37. Dancing: Jazz, Swing, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Military, Ballroom, Tap, Crazy-Whateverness. Watching it, doing it - all of it, I am grateful for.

38. Cheesy Jokes, and my whole collection of them.

39. Daily Odd Compliments. You. Are. Fantastic. (e.g. "You're the kind of friend that if I throw a balloon to, you know that it cannot touch the ground. And call me crazy, but I think that that's important.")

40. Music. All of it. In every form.

41. Books. I miss leisure reading.

42. School Breaks (refer to #41).

43. Free T-shirts.

44. Strangers that become quick friends.

45. Health tips from random people on how I can get better and over this month long awful sickness.

46. Surprises.

47. Driving. (Yes, I know it's an expensive hobby, but I like it.)

48. Friends who understand. Or, at least try to.

49. Love notes. To leave them. To receive them. All of the above.

50. The satisfaction of studying long and hard, and acing an assignment, or test. I am grateful for that.

51. Chill Night, by President Gubler

52. Geocaching, and shooting printers until death.

53. The amount of immense love, and patience, that Heavenly Father has for me.

54. When those you love, love you back.

55. People who aren't afraid to be their goofy, open, ridiculous selves. I love it! Because, those people are the best.

56. Dixie State Symphonic Band. I miss you. And you're still lovely.

57. Back road routes - they're scenic.

58. Seeing old friends, and catching up on life, and the fact that it's as if not a day has past since you lost saw each other.

59. The truth that time heals, and patience invites the healing.

60. The Cosby Show - just bought the first complete season. $10.

61. Walmart (refer to #60).

62. Nostalgia. And I am, a nostalgist. 100%. (refer to #60)

63. Human Dynamics - I love it!

64. Technology - although, most of the time, IT'S not thankful for me, I am thankful for it. Most of the time.

65. How little by little, my desire for teaching and to be a teacher is coming back.

66. Good food. 

67. And those who make the good food. And then let me eat it. I am grateful for those people.

68. Life, in general. Sometimes, not going to lie, it's really not that fun, life. But, I am grateful that God sent us here to grow, to learn, and to become more like Him. If life is hard, He obviously trusts us a lot and knows that this exact thing is what we needed to go through so that it would be hard, so that we could grow. At the same time, He promises us, and desires for us, the greatest happiness.

What are your 50(+)?