Saturday, February 26, 2011

It has been...

a dreadfully long week. I don't remember the last time I spent so much time awake. Those of you thinking you want to go into Elementary Education - take a minute to think about how much work just the program is, and then think about how much MORE work actually teaching will be. I mean, I think it's totally worth it! However, sadly, I have heard many who think otherwise.

Something I have decided to do, on account of my students, is to save these things:

The School I work at earned $2,000 from these alone. Just to use for whatever they needed - that is so amazing! Especially with budget cuts. I am totally a Box Tops fan!

I have also decided to start recycling. Really the only thing I can find to recycle is paper, because I don't really drink pop, and I reuse my water bottles. One child at work the other day was confused as to why we weren't recycling our paper from homework, and then gave me several reasons why WE SHOULD do such things. So - call me Green!

Another thing is - I'm going back here for Spring Break.
And I am SO EXCITED. I will be there for more than one night this time - instead I will be there for 3 nights (hopefully 4 if I can talk someone into it...).
I LOVE San Francisco. It's beautiful, unique, diverse and cultural, artistic, warm, and they have really good street vendor crab at the Fishermans Wharf. (Two weeks!)

In other news - going into week #3 waiting for my mission call. Any guesses?

Monday, February 14, 2011

feb 14

Did you know that Utah has a new State Curriculum Core?
Not that you care.
But it does. And I do.
And I like it better than the original Utah Core.
Well, most of it.

Taxes are coming up. And guess what - the college does them for FREE! (Ragan even approves.)

I would like this book, please. Thank you.

I got this book for Christmas. And it does a girl wonders when in the middle of academic studies! A lovely, large list of beautiful things about life.

We are getting this piano. Well, one very, very similar to it.
Thank you to a Mr. Misha - you are a very good friend (and home teacher) to me!

I got my Praxis Scores!
Kind of.
Maybe I should give some background - The Praxis test is a test that all educators are required to take. You don't actually have to pass the test to be hired as a teacher. If you don't pass, however, all your students get to take home a letter from the principal telling their parents that their child has a less than highly qualified teacher according to the State of Utah.
So, what I actually got was a Certificate of Excellence saying that I scored in the top 15% of all of everyone who has taken it in past years. Way good yeah?!
So when I tried to look up my actual scores, the website told me that my information is incorrect.
I'm calling customer service tomorrow.


Today I saw some hand made road signs by my work that said "I. Love. You!" Which really made me quite happy!
I took a picture.
And my Mom gave me the largest Toblerone bar I have ever seen in my ENTIRE young life!
Good Day.

Today is one of my best friend's favourite holidays. (It's part of her name.) So, Happy Valentines to you Val! I love you dearly. I hope Russia celebrates Valentines day to your heart's content!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the waiting game

First of all. You should look at this: Scale of the Universe.

Second. My Mission Papers are IN!
President Gubler will be sending them up to the first presidency, who will decide by revelation where I am to serve the Lord for those eighteen months.
Now I just have to play the "hurry up and wait" game.
Just take a nice gander at these wise men. They will tell me where the Lord wants me. 
Isn't that the greatest?!

Friday, February 11, 2011

bad news

At 1PM yesterday, I got the worst news ever.
Jerry Sloan is resigning.
The coach I grew up with in a die hard Jazz family.

Wanna know WHY?
Well, no specific reason has been announced.
However, Deron Williams has been having some "disagreements"
with the coaches for the last two seasons.
A particularly awful one Wednesday night at half time.
And I need someone to blame.

This is the man I like.

Corbin, this man, is now the temp coach.

Thank you DWill. You are dumb.
Always on the injured list, never playing, egotistical,
and now Sloan AND Johnson are gone.
You. Are. Dumb.

Dear Jerry Sloan,
I will miss you.
A lot.
Love, Danni

Monday, February 7, 2011

berries, magical disappearing notes, and an house.

Why I don't like my Blackberry:
When it "dies" it doesn't really die.
It simply takes away my ability to call, text,
or use the internet. I can, however, take pictures,
record things,play a weird game (the only one I have),
and use my calculator.
AND - it takes forever to actually die.

Also, I have a paper due tomorrow.
On a Classroom Instructional Strategies Observation.
Which I did two weeks ago.
I can't find my notes.
I haven't started my paper.
Good Morning!

I have a new addiction:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

weekend agenda

This week I got my sisters to volunteer at my work - yay! I use all the help I can get. Plus, they get to count the hours toward resumes, scholarships, and maybe a job?

I am horribly behind on where I should be for homework.

I get to be somewhere at 7AM on Saturday. I like this thing that will be happening,
I just wish it wasn't so darn early.

-The thing on Saturday is a conference for work - I'm so grown up!

-My sister is an artist. She is selling one of her art pieces for money! Kinda cool, eh? She's 14.

-My other sister got asked to Junior Prom and is going dress shopping Saturday. I'm excited for her!

- There is a game night Friday night for our YSA Stakes. I love games! So, I might go.

-I have recently gained the addiction of MDK ball (invented by Isaac Gish and anonymous missionary companion).
You should play sometime!

-Tuesday was Ryder's 1st birthday! In the last couple weeks he has finally decided that he is going to start walking.
His party is on Saturday. So stoked!

Also, I really like thingsweforget.
And I kinda want one of their posters.