Monday, August 30, 2010


New house, new friends, new classes.
New Experiences.
This picture sums up what my soul is feeling far
better than I could in words.
It's a great feeling, no?
I think it's because of all this institute I'm getting.
Thank you, Father.
For this BEAUTIFUL life you have
given us.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adventures. and a HOME.

Camping with 1st Ward
(Thank you to Justin, Katie, Isaac, and Brook for the invitation!)

And then one time I went repelling.
(And it was scary!)
This is Max. We used his equipment.

This is Mike. He invited me to this event.

Oh. And guess what.
We found a place to LIVE!


lines at Sea World

We got lost looking for the beach

someone caught a SHARK! on the pier!

I was amazed by these guys, Crique de la Mar at Sea World!

baby in the morning!

results of getting lost in a grocery store

The end.

Monday, August 16, 2010


We are moving.
This means many things:
Someplace new. Something scary. Someplace different. Something stressful. A trial of faith. A chance to get organized.

Boxes, soft scrub, news papers, broom, duster, packing tape, vacuum, mop, bubble wrap, massive amounts of laundry, sleepless nights, aching muscles, sweaty clothes, gross hair.

Yes. All of these things. Sounds a bit depressing, right?

Actually- I'm somewhat excited. I understand my mother is a bit stressed out- I am not. But I am also not the one who has to find a place for my family to live.
Though moving will mean all the hard things (like no sleep. especially with school and work) it also means getting out of this awkwardly shaped house, getting new experiences, triumphing over challenges, and learning something new about myself every time. Because I have done this, many times.
So, no. I am not worried.
Not at all.

Love, Me

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Okay, okay.
Yes. I'm home now.
And soon (maybe) there will be pictures.

I'm exhausted. Today was a day of unpacking, Work, CPR certifying, repelling, retrieving my vehicle, and all in all- I only ate half of a sandwich.
So much adventure and no-more-vacationing-ness! And I loved it. Today was grand, so grand.
Also, I am hungry.

But right now, I'm watching Benny & Joon in ten parts on YouTube.
Then Bed.
What will you do with this night?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lets try this once more.

On my first attempted blog, I put up a Thankology- idea from my dearest friend Tif.
So here, today, I copy and paste it from facebook BACK onto my blog.
Please, take a read.
And please, do enjoy.

Mind you, dear reader, that these are in no way significant to the number they are placed by. This is not a list of chronological importance. It is was it is. Simply, a list.

1. My Room. I'm grateful that I can live at home, with my own room and no room mates. I'm sure they're fun, but I like my own space. I like my own desk, bookshelf, cedar chest, closet, tall bed, walls to fill with pictures... I like that it's all to myself. My own little corner of this world.

2. Toothbrushes. How uncomfortable, and quite possibly painful and not as sufficient, would it be to clean our teeth by some other means? Plus, I like the sound of brushing my teeth. Have you ever noticed it? Do YOU like it?

3. My car. I have yet to rid the smell, but I have a car. I make payments on it, and in less than two years it will fully be mine. ALSO my own little corner of the world, to travel the world with. With windows, and music, and air fresheners- such happiness!

4. Taro. I can't really explain the happiness I feel when I drink the taro flavored snow ice from the Tea Station in Las Vegas. It's a vanilla flavored slushy joy in a cup. So good. Try it.

5. MacGyver. He has provided me with numerous laughs and cheesy good lines, time with friends and monday nights filled with muffins. Great times.

6. Summer nights in Saint George. They're warm. I love that you can walk out in the dark and be warm. It's one of my favorite things about this town.

7. Quotes. They open my mind, and how I love that when my own words fail me I can call upon the words of those that are much more experienced and wiser than myself.

8. Black notebooks. Where I can record thoughts, quotes, humor, ideas, questions, to-do's and other such things the moment they occur.

9. Books. Oh! I cannot begin to describe my tender love for books. So I will simply leave it as number nine.

10. Red dirt. I love the red of Saint George, contrasted by it's often blue sky. It's beautiful. I like my socks, and feet and things being red- it means I've been somewhere.

11. Laughing. I do love to laugh. Sometimes, I will laugh just because I want to. It feels good, and usually what I'm thinking is funny to me. Not that it's hard to make me laugh. The word laugh is used way too much in these last lines, my apologies.

12. People who talk. I consider myself a decent small talker, it's just hard when the other person does not participate. So, thank you, to those of you who participate and humor me with conversation.

13. A/C. Though I love the heat of Saint George, air conditioning is very much approved by me.

14. Sunshine. I. Love. The Sun. It's shows me everything in this colorful world. It warms my body and my heart. It offers natural light- my favorite (I love windows). Clouds may occasionally block the view, but the light is there. Everyday.

15. The Temple. I have yet to receive my endowments, but I'm grateful for the time given to me to learn all that I need to know about it and that one day I will get the opportunity to retrieve them. I'm thankful for all the ordinances in this church, and the covenants we get to make. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father dwells in the Temple and I can literally be in his presence every time I visit. Every time.

16. Las Vegas. Yes, that's right. I like the art diversity, I like UNLV campus, I like the heat, I like the music access, I like the libraries and book stores, I like the giant mix of cultures, I like that you can go rock climbing for cheap, and yeah other things. Mostly I'm grateful for the people I know there- my family, my new adopted family, and friends I have met.

17. The stars. They remind me of how small I am- keep me humble. They have patterns accompanied by great myths and stories. They're beautiful and bright. They're vast. They remind me of God, and that He made it so I could see them at night and be happy, reminding me that my Father in Heaven truly is my Father. I am his daughter, and He loves me.

18. Friends. Val, Isaac, Brook, Beau, Dallin, Michael, Bryan, Alli, Austin, Krista, Tif, Melysa, Courtney, Jeremy, Spencer, Tiff, Katie, Ben, Jay and many many others. Sorry that it is a list with one number for it, but I'm just so thankful for all of you for so many different reasons! Thank you for being my friends and playing with me this summer.

19. The Nicholls family. All of them, each and every one for their distinct personalities and interests. They let me stay with them every time I visit Vegas. I love it. So much.

20. Jonsi. His music is sensational, fantastic, and happy! LOVE.

21. Keys. I recently locked my keys in my car. You don't realize how quite useful they are until you don't have them. Thankfully, I had a spare nearby.

22. The Gospel. I have a testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I've searched, and prayed, and read. It is true. Not only that, but it is real. It's not just a Sunday thing. Not at all. Though, I do love Sundays too.

23. The word "love". Not only is it pleasant to say, but it is also such a good description of a great many things. I use it much, I'm repetitive. I only use it to describe things that I do love, though. Those are a great many things.

24. Finding new things. I'm always discovering shops I want to explore, or hikes I need to go on, trails to try out, roads to drive down, things to take pictures of, classes to take and learn from, books to read, music to listen to, songs to play, instruments to learn, etc. I like it a lot. Which also means I love it.

25. Pens. I rarely use pencils. When I do use a pencil it's mechanical, and I'm wishing I was using a pen. "Pencils are the quills of yesterday." - Michael Nielsen

26. Clouds. They're pretty. They change shapes, they crawl over mountains, they create warm summer rain, they're white and fluffy. I like them.

27. Saint George's historic artness. Mainstreet is constantly displaying bronze statues, the Pod Place has local art displays, 25 Main sells art. It's all over, and I love it!

28. Surprises. I absolutely adore surprises! I try to create sly ways of surprises for myself (not reading what a book is about before reading it, not looking at the next month's picture and quote on my calendar until the first of that month, waiting until I get home to read a letter). And when surprises come that are not from me- so good!

29. My rock. I recently found a place that I can read books comfortably- shade, view of downtown, it fits my back, places to explore and photograph. Love.

30. Nephew. Dagon Ryder Springer. I'm so grateful to see him grow, learn, and go through life. I'm grateful that I finally got to give him his lullaby that I wrote. He laughs, and cuddles, and tells stories, and I love him.

31. Mom. I'm thankful for her example of hard work, her gentle heart, her patience. I'm grateful for her seeing the whole picture and always giving me advice.

32. Dad. I'm grateful for his earnest desire to be a Dad. I'm glad that because something is important to me he asks questions and tries to take interest and understand it. I'm grateful our relationship is growing.

33. Ragan. I'm grateful for the humor and life he brings to our family. I'm glad that I get to see him be a Father- man alive! He is so good at it. I'm glad that he always helps me and answers my questions about things I know nothing about, I'm grateful he has patience, and I'm grateful that he is good at cooking.

34. McKel. I'm glad she is in our lives. She introduced me to the love of dance, which I will never forget. I'm grateful for her happiness, because it spreads and shines. I'm glad she reads my books that I suggest to her and humors me in trying them out, and I'm grateful she lets me watch nephew.

35. Keegan. He is tactless, he points out the obvious, he is a challenge to make laugh (which makes it all the more fun!), he plays the liberal devil's advocate in our discussions, he will debate with me and it opens my mind to other views, he humors me, he hates me taking pictures but tolerates it- and all of this makes me laugh!

36. Shanelle. She is the only person on earth that can get under my skin and get me SO frustrated. I have no idea how she does it- it's a talent I'm sure. She also makes me laugh, she will go on random adventures with me (if she feels like it), and she's super sensitive- though she tries to hide it. She has bad taste in music, books, and movies (which we're working on). But, I love her.

37. Deboney. Doodle Bug. She writes, reads, watches TV, plays video games, she has a temper, she likes to draw, she plays guitar and writes songs. She is a complete tomboy, and it's cute when she tries to be a girl. She's always the first to go to bed. She's blunt and keeps no secrets- except her own. She's witty, and funny, and super friendly, and I love her.

38. My family. I'm grateful that they accept my differences- like taking pictures, and being open, and always trying to introduce them to new things that I think are way cool! I'm grateful for their patience and understanding. I'm grateful that even though we are all so vastly different in our interests and hobbies- we fit because we love each other and still view the similarities. I love them.

39. Music. I'm thankful for the opportunities it brought into my life and the people I've met because of it. I'm grateful that I can still pursue it and always be learning new things.

40. The Hunger Games. If you haven't read it, you should. I'm going to the party for the third book. I'm happy for that- my friends and family are coming. It will be fun! I love fun, so I'm grateful for that.

41. Skirts. They are pretty and fun and flowy.

42. Rechargeable batteries. I like that I don't have to go buy a new battery every time my laptop or phone or camera dies. It is very nice.

43. Bare feet. Sometimes, it just nice to walk around without shoes or socks- your feet get dirty and it's kind of a relief to not have to be clean. Plus, it's just fun.

44. Sundays. They are relaxing, peaceful, and an excuse to not do homework. There are firesides, family, friends, and the Sacrament.

45. Rain. I love summer storms here. The smell with the sagebrush, and the humidity, and the warmth are all so comforting and cleansing.

46. Colors. There are so many of them, everywhere! I see these flowers blooming outside my front door everyday, and each time I wonder "Can you re-create that color?". I would splash it all over my room if it's possible. Among other colors. I love color. Lots of it.

47. Missionaries. Maybe one day I will be a full-time one, for now I'll just be me. Though I don't write missionaries often, I do think about them a lot. They're serving the Lord full-time and will receive so many blessings and learn so much. I pray for you to take advantage and learn as much as you can- soak it all in.

48. My job. It gets frustrating when I don't know what I'm suppose to be doing, but I'm thankful that I have it. I'm so very grateful I have a job where I get along great with my co-workers, and I get to work with kids most of the time. Love it.

49. School. So, this semester is not as fun as I anticipated. But I'm going towards something. FINALLY. I'm taking classes that I need to get that piece of paper that says "Hey! Guess what! You are certified to teach pretty much anywhere!" That's what I want. I want it a lot. So I'm going for it.

50. Holidays. This also includes birthdays. I'm so grateful for this past week-ish time period. It has consisted of so much family time and I love it! I love my family and I love having an excuse to just be with them. I would do it all the time, but they may get annoyed, so the excuses are nice.
51. Paint wars. They're are fun. You should try it. Thank you to those who humored me with that event. Next- Mud war. Or perhaps Cake war. Or anything-that sounds-like-it-would-be-fun-to-have-a-war-with war.

That's all for now. Until next time.

And until that time- I will be in California.
Mayhaps pictures when I return? Because, well, I'm a good blogger now.