Monday, August 16, 2010


We are moving.
This means many things:
Someplace new. Something scary. Someplace different. Something stressful. A trial of faith. A chance to get organized.

Boxes, soft scrub, news papers, broom, duster, packing tape, vacuum, mop, bubble wrap, massive amounts of laundry, sleepless nights, aching muscles, sweaty clothes, gross hair.

Yes. All of these things. Sounds a bit depressing, right?

Actually- I'm somewhat excited. I understand my mother is a bit stressed out- I am not. But I am also not the one who has to find a place for my family to live.
Though moving will mean all the hard things (like no sleep. especially with school and work) it also means getting out of this awkwardly shaped house, getting new experiences, triumphing over challenges, and learning something new about myself every time. Because I have done this, many times.
So, no. I am not worried.
Not at all.

Love, Me

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