Thursday, September 23, 2010

My life is average - so beautiful!

Second post within LESS than a week? I know, what is coming of me? I'm actually blogging. It's a good thing, I promise!

Some things that caused this post:

I'm going up north.
To see wonderful friends, and go to a work conference!
I'm so excited for both of these things! I will learn a lot at the conference about after school programs and how to be a better site coordinator. Plus - it just feels so adult-like to say that I'm traveling far away for a work conference.
And these friends - my heart is jumping all around my chest to see their faces! I don't even know what we'll do, and I don't much care. Just to see them, and chat with them, and maybe sit on their couches - that is just perfect.

Also, Mexico accepted me. Way great, yeah!
I'm not sure what this will bring. But I am sure that it will be fantastic.
Who knows what life will present with family, school, and work? Perhaps this adventure may not pan out in the way I expect.
But for now, what this adventure holds for me is to go to Mexico and have a glorious experience.

Oh! and we are officially moved.
Moved out.
Moved in.
And now, for the unpacking to begin!

Another thing - Two friends are returning to home this next week, in less than a week. This time next week, they will be here. And am I a little excited? WAY.
There will be a list of things to do that will hopefully never end, because it would feel over once it's all checked off. How about we just continually add to this list? Good plan.

And, it's Autumn. My favourite time of the year.
It's still warm and sunny, yet crisp in the mornings.
There are crunchy leaves to make into piles - and jump in. (and this year I have a tree!)
There is changing colour everywhere.
There are jeans, sneakers, scarves, and jackets.
There are hot tubs.
There is a green chair, a green blanket, and a full bookshelf to choose from.
Yes, I do enjoy Autumn.

Last thing - have you seen this? You should.
You should also look at their other colour ads.
Because they are colourful, and happiness dwells therein.

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  1. Dear Danni,

    I love your blog. And you. And I miss you. You should come visit me this weekend when you are in the land of north! :]

    Love, me.