Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekends are fun

I should really post pictures of my weekend.
But that would mean to download them from my camera, and I already feel guilty blogging instead of homeworking.

Thursday (not really the weekend, but that's the night it starts for me.)
JONSI! (with accompaniment of Michael, Maria, and Courtney.)
He is amazing. Can I just say that I love him? okay, I will.
I love Jonsi. Truly and forever. Too bad he's homosexual.
But, one of the guitarist is attractive (and hopefully not homosexual) - who looked at me! Okay that sounds way dumb. But it's true! Total eye contact and smile!
I haven't told anyone this. And I feel ridiculously girly right now. Enjoy my embarrassing disclosure to the internet.

I got home from Las Vegas - would have stayed if my best friend didn't frolic off to six flags with her brother and my cousin. And if I had money to go with them.
Yep. Would have stayed.
Friday was chilax. I got a little homework done. Finally watched the rifftracks of Twilight. May I note that there is no other way to watch those movies?
Absolutely no other way.

All sports.
7AM-12PM: Border League Volleyball
12PM-4PM: DSC Football (and we won)
4PM-11:30PM: More Border League Volleyball
I learned that I'm not a big enough fan of sports to have an all day thing of it. Sometimes I like sports for the social atmosphere. Just not that day.
I didn't get any homework done.
Parents yelled at me because their daughters have low self esteem that wholly depends on if they win or lose this 7th grade Silver Bracket Border League Tournament. Did I mention - I don't care that you have bad parenting skills, and it's Border League?
Seriously. I was in a bad mood Saturday.
Also, don't ever sit by the scoring table.
And I got sick.

I like Sundays. A lot. They're actually my favorite day of the week. 
I had meetings. I got a nap. Home Teachers are great - they watch Fantastic Mr. Fox with you and pull a great lesson from it!
Fantastic Mr. Fox = Mr. Fox isn't really happy with his life, even though he has a great family, a good job, a nice house, and food on the table. But he's not satisfied, and he doesn't realize these blessings, so he goes to other means to find them. Moral- realize the blessings that we do have, and be grateful.
Such good.
And, brothers have birthdays. And my friend Jeremy came to visit me and stayed a little bit for the party until he had to depart. Which was really nice.
I love my brothers. They are officially 28-years-old. They have a great sense of humor, and still talk about health reforms, the philosophy of voting, economics, teach me things I don't know, and don't even notice when I give them a hug to leave for a meeting and tell them happy birthday.
My family warms my heart. And I get to see them again this week - we're carving pumpkins!

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  1. you are cute and i love you.
    you are also someone i miss the most.
    i'm glad jonsi rocked your world.
    enough to be in love.


    i love jonsi too.
    but i've never made eye contact with his guitarist or anything.