Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best. Week. Ever.

One time I couldn't figure out how to work blogger and make this NOT underlined. Another time I decided that I was going to tell about my week in pictures. Here you are! As follows:

some of my BEST friends got married. TO EACH OTHER!
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hafen

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gish
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gish

I spent A LOT of time with this adorable lady!

And we saw this beautiful piece of work.
(Mr. Banksy, you. are. great.)

We saw the Temple of Salt Lake.

Yes, there was a cat in the bookstore.
And yes, the cat's name is Dolly.
And yes, that bookstore was her's.

There was some "Kick-Ass Creativity" on our trip!

And some German hymnals.

There was a red wall. With art inside it.

There was a shoe tree.
Want a shoe? or one hundred?

A GIANT paper airplane.
Where did we get the paper?
Atop a fancy restaurant's table cloth!

We climbed. So much! It was soo great!

Temple with the Grandma and Mama.
In Vegas.
Soo pretty!

A little nephew. That flirts with you. He's cute.

And a movie with this guy! This outing was also soo great!

All in all, very successful week. Very good, satisfying, and absolutely lovely.

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  1. I was so sad when I couldn't come to lunch with you guys. :( And, Joe Hafen's mom was my violin teacher for like 8 years! Huzzah!