Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I make a difference. What about you?

This has become a recent hobby of mine. It's addicting once you start cruising around on YouTube.

Some other good things to look up:
Bowery Poetry Club. Where some of Mr. Mali's readings take place.
Urban Poetry Slam Club. A gold mine of Slam Poetry!
Indiefeed Performance Poetry. An abundance wealth of poetry information!

What can I say? I'm on some kind of kick lately! And so I have been even more deeply exploring this spectacular blog of my dear sister-friend.
Go here.
It is where I have found many gems and mind opening wonders.

Here are some of my favorite Performance Poetry readings (aka: Poetry Slams).

I do apologize for the brief profanity in this next clip. However, the message is what lead me onto this addiction of performance poetry.

Jared Singer is another amazing one. Redheaded Women with Tattoos.

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