Tuesday, November 26, 2013

oh we play, in autumn days...

Remember how I have literary craves?
Well, that happens with music too.

I go through phases where I quite literally feel a thirst, or hunger (if you will), for literature. Books upon mounds of books is what I want inside my room, with a blanket, and a lamp, and nothing else! I can disappear from this world for hours at a time and be perfectly content. Historical fiction is what I seem to be preferring lately. But anything would satisfy me, really. Prose, Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy, Realistic, Biography, Children, Adult, whatever - I just want literature to consume.

And so it goes with music. I have a hankering for new music! ANY kind! Just new. With a full tank of gas, and a long drive to some aesthetic vista. Lately, I have The Paper Kites to thank for that quench of my appetency.
Here, have a taste.

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