Friday, November 1, 2013

thankology 50(+) - it's about due time

I can't remember the last time I did one of these...
but it's about time I start counting my blessings.

I am thankful for:

1. Temple patrons that invite me to their house for pomegranate seeds, card games, and lovely "lemonade on the porch" life chat.

2. Friends from out of town that go on yard sale and farmer's market hunts with you.

3. Beginning of basketball season. How I've missed you!

4. Post-it love notes from co-workers that appear on my computer screen.

5. Carving pumpkins, sloppy joes, and tatter tots accompanied by memes, funny youtube videos, and good company.

6. Random spontaneous adventures and those who join me!

7. New friends that take me under their wing to help me along.

8. The Institute Council Members - who always lift my spirits with their humor, and love.

9. TUACAHN! And everything about it.

10. The counsel from modern day prophets, and the comfort they bring to my soul with their words of wisdom.

11. Institute religion classes, and those who prepare and teach them.

12. Co-workers who make me laugh, and feel cared about.

13. Good friends who "leave me better than they found me, are by my side until the very end, lift me up when I feel I've had enough, and keep me going through the thick and thin."

14. My funny, diverse Cohort Compadres!

15. Sleep overs that bring me comfort.

16. Those who have been my recent, metaphorical, "comfort blankets". Thank you. 

17. The Atonement of Jesus Christ, and all it encompasses for our salvation temporally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

18. The scarves, coats, beanies, and boots. The colour changes and leaf piles. Photographs and crisp mornings. Hot chocolate and blankets. Long walks and sunny days. Autumn, in general, is just my favourite.

19. Home made soup.

20. Laughing hard and loud - A LOT!

21. Seeing reserved people come out of their bubble, and see a different side to them.

22. The wheel chair man that drives around town decked out in costumes! He's like his own parade. And I love it.

23. Spiritual conversations with others about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. About Faith, and Hope. About Love, and Forgiveness. About Humility and Charity.

24. Service Projects: making a homecoming parade float (that won!), packaging Thanks-Giving food packets, and cleaning out closets.

25. Thrifts stores where searching is paramount, and finding is a treasure.

26. Youtube - and how it brings me laughter, along with new found favourite artists that no one has ever heard of to add to my collection.

27. ZION, the national park. Favourite place on earth.

28. Rock climbing, and all my buddies that adventure with me.

29. El Salvador and all the experiences I had there. (I still think of you, your food, traditions, and people often. One day I will go back. When I'm married. Because I'm scared to go by myself. Please save me a couple "faralitos", bean soup, and fireworks.)

30. PLR.

31. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream by Haagen-Dazs. I know I SAY Mint Chocolate Chip is my favourite ice cream, but, now you know the core truth.

32. The holy scriptures, and all the peace they bring to my soul.

33. Time. Even though it's mostly a joke in my life. But I am grateful that God gives it to me, and allows me to take as much as I need.

34. Swings at parks. (You'd be surprised how many parks think they can just go ahead and NOT have swings. It's a dying art.)

35. Sears Art Gallery.

36. People who are honest, genuine, and kind.

37. Dancing: Jazz, Swing, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Military, Ballroom, Tap, Crazy-Whateverness. Watching it, doing it - all of it, I am grateful for.

38. Cheesy Jokes, and my whole collection of them.

39. Daily Odd Compliments. You. Are. Fantastic. (e.g. "You're the kind of friend that if I throw a balloon to, you know that it cannot touch the ground. And call me crazy, but I think that that's important.")

40. Music. All of it. In every form.

41. Books. I miss leisure reading.

42. School Breaks (refer to #41).

43. Free T-shirts.

44. Strangers that become quick friends.

45. Health tips from random people on how I can get better and over this month long awful sickness.

46. Surprises.

47. Driving. (Yes, I know it's an expensive hobby, but I like it.)

48. Friends who understand. Or, at least try to.

49. Love notes. To leave them. To receive them. All of the above.

50. The satisfaction of studying long and hard, and acing an assignment, or test. I am grateful for that.

51. Chill Night, by President Gubler

52. Geocaching, and shooting printers until death.

53. The amount of immense love, and patience, that Heavenly Father has for me.

54. When those you love, love you back.

55. People who aren't afraid to be their goofy, open, ridiculous selves. I love it! Because, those people are the best.

56. Dixie State Symphonic Band. I miss you. And you're still lovely.

57. Back road routes - they're scenic.

58. Seeing old friends, and catching up on life, and the fact that it's as if not a day has past since you lost saw each other.

59. The truth that time heals, and patience invites the healing.

60. The Cosby Show - just bought the first complete season. $10.

61. Walmart (refer to #60).

62. Nostalgia. And I am, a nostalgist. 100%. (refer to #60)

63. Human Dynamics - I love it!

64. Technology - although, most of the time, IT'S not thankful for me, I am thankful for it. Most of the time.

65. How little by little, my desire for teaching and to be a teacher is coming back.

66. Good food. 

67. And those who make the good food. And then let me eat it. I am grateful for those people.

68. Life, in general. Sometimes, not going to lie, it's really not that fun, life. But, I am grateful that God sent us here to grow, to learn, and to become more like Him. If life is hard, He obviously trusts us a lot and knows that this exact thing is what we needed to go through so that it would be hard, so that we could grow. At the same time, He promises us, and desires for us, the greatest happiness.

What are your 50(+)?

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