Monday, March 24, 2014

open, or not open. and... HOW?

Things that people post on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc social media I write in a little pocket size journal. Or on here. Or both. I just figure: It's nice to disclose things, and I consider myself a fairly open person. But posting my life for whoever to read it... I still haven't decided where I quite draw the line on that. I'll spill my life in person. Here you can get tidbits. Enjoy.

Tonight's disclosure:

I am playing a video game in my head.
You raise your hand for a password to your online test: I blow you up with a red laser.

If you come into the testing center to take a computer test tonight

we're not friends.

Good news: there is half a chimichanga, fries, and a chocolate shake awaiting me at home.

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