Monday, February 14, 2011

feb 14

Did you know that Utah has a new State Curriculum Core?
Not that you care.
But it does. And I do.
And I like it better than the original Utah Core.
Well, most of it.

Taxes are coming up. And guess what - the college does them for FREE! (Ragan even approves.)

I would like this book, please. Thank you.

I got this book for Christmas. And it does a girl wonders when in the middle of academic studies! A lovely, large list of beautiful things about life.

We are getting this piano. Well, one very, very similar to it.
Thank you to a Mr. Misha - you are a very good friend (and home teacher) to me!

I got my Praxis Scores!
Kind of.
Maybe I should give some background - The Praxis test is a test that all educators are required to take. You don't actually have to pass the test to be hired as a teacher. If you don't pass, however, all your students get to take home a letter from the principal telling their parents that their child has a less than highly qualified teacher according to the State of Utah.
So, what I actually got was a Certificate of Excellence saying that I scored in the top 15% of all of everyone who has taken it in past years. Way good yeah?!
So when I tried to look up my actual scores, the website told me that my information is incorrect.
I'm calling customer service tomorrow.


Today I saw some hand made road signs by my work that said "I. Love. You!" Which really made me quite happy!
I took a picture.
And my Mom gave me the largest Toblerone bar I have ever seen in my ENTIRE young life!
Good Day.

Today is one of my best friend's favourite holidays. (It's part of her name.) So, Happy Valentines to you Val! I love you dearly. I hope Russia celebrates Valentines day to your heart's content!

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