Monday, February 7, 2011

berries, magical disappearing notes, and an house.

Why I don't like my Blackberry:
When it "dies" it doesn't really die.
It simply takes away my ability to call, text,
or use the internet. I can, however, take pictures,
record things,play a weird game (the only one I have),
and use my calculator.
AND - it takes forever to actually die.

Also, I have a paper due tomorrow.
On a Classroom Instructional Strategies Observation.
Which I did two weeks ago.
I can't find my notes.
I haven't started my paper.
Good Morning!

I have a new addiction:


  1. I. Love. House. And I love you, Miss Springer!

  2. I don't take you as a house kinda guy. but thats great! i was addicted once too. :)