Thursday, February 3, 2011

weekend agenda

This week I got my sisters to volunteer at my work - yay! I use all the help I can get. Plus, they get to count the hours toward resumes, scholarships, and maybe a job?

I am horribly behind on where I should be for homework.

I get to be somewhere at 7AM on Saturday. I like this thing that will be happening,
I just wish it wasn't so darn early.

-The thing on Saturday is a conference for work - I'm so grown up!

-My sister is an artist. She is selling one of her art pieces for money! Kinda cool, eh? She's 14.

-My other sister got asked to Junior Prom and is going dress shopping Saturday. I'm excited for her!

- There is a game night Friday night for our YSA Stakes. I love games! So, I might go.

-I have recently gained the addiction of MDK ball (invented by Isaac Gish and anonymous missionary companion).
You should play sometime!

-Tuesday was Ryder's 1st birthday! In the last couple weeks he has finally decided that he is going to start walking.
His party is on Saturday. So stoked!

Also, I really like thingsweforget.
And I kinda want one of their posters.

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