Saturday, February 26, 2011

It has been...

a dreadfully long week. I don't remember the last time I spent so much time awake. Those of you thinking you want to go into Elementary Education - take a minute to think about how much work just the program is, and then think about how much MORE work actually teaching will be. I mean, I think it's totally worth it! However, sadly, I have heard many who think otherwise.

Something I have decided to do, on account of my students, is to save these things:

The School I work at earned $2,000 from these alone. Just to use for whatever they needed - that is so amazing! Especially with budget cuts. I am totally a Box Tops fan!

I have also decided to start recycling. Really the only thing I can find to recycle is paper, because I don't really drink pop, and I reuse my water bottles. One child at work the other day was confused as to why we weren't recycling our paper from homework, and then gave me several reasons why WE SHOULD do such things. So - call me Green!

Another thing is - I'm going back here for Spring Break.
And I am SO EXCITED. I will be there for more than one night this time - instead I will be there for 3 nights (hopefully 4 if I can talk someone into it...).
I LOVE San Francisco. It's beautiful, unique, diverse and cultural, artistic, warm, and they have really good street vendor crab at the Fishermans Wharf. (Two weeks!)

In other news - going into week #3 waiting for my mission call. Any guesses?

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