Friday, February 11, 2011

bad news

At 1PM yesterday, I got the worst news ever.
Jerry Sloan is resigning.
The coach I grew up with in a die hard Jazz family.

Wanna know WHY?
Well, no specific reason has been announced.
However, Deron Williams has been having some "disagreements"
with the coaches for the last two seasons.
A particularly awful one Wednesday night at half time.
And I need someone to blame.

This is the man I like.

Corbin, this man, is now the temp coach.

Thank you DWill. You are dumb.
Always on the injured list, never playing, egotistical,
and now Sloan AND Johnson are gone.
You. Are. Dumb.

Dear Jerry Sloan,
I will miss you.
A lot.
Love, Danni

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